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Name necklace - Perfect gift for first school day! 658 lượt xem

Name necklace - Perfect gift for first school day!

The first day going to school is one of anybody life’s biggest transitions.

My daughter’s first day going to school was last month. From that moment, I have known what does it feel like preparing for your children to go to school for the first time ever.

It was so nervous that you might be very confused and did not know what to do.

I made a surprise for her before her first school day, which really helped her be much more confident before a whole new journey.

Can you guess what that was?

It was a name necklace with her name on it.

Going to school is one of the most remarkable changes in every kid’s life. From when a kid is born to when he or she is about to go to her first grade, the kid has always lived in his parents’ arms who always loved them endlessly without any conditions. Parents always follow and support his or her in everything the kid does. Going to school means that the kid has to enter a new stage of life that he or she must be more independent and courageous.

Every mom wants her kids to be on a confident and exciting mood for school. Therefore, moms might be struggle to find out as much solutions as she could to prepare for her kids to be ready for school.

I was doing the same thing too.

My daughter name is Laura. Last year was her first school year and she went to Grade 1 a primary school last September.

Just like any other kid at her same age, she was so afraid of school since that was a whole new place for her. She was going to meet so many strange people, including new friends and new teachers. At school, she had to do everything herself without parents’ loving arms like when she was home.

I was so worried that she would find it very difficult to get used to this new environment. Therefore, I decided to give her one special gift before her first school day.

This gift must be a meaningful companion with her when she in this new place. Then, I decided to give her a name necklace. It took me quite long to choose the custom necklace for her. I found this shop when surfing on the internet about custom engraved jewelry, which offered many kinds of jewelry with names on it – GracefulRings

I chose for her a gold chain with name on the pendants. With the italic font with small sizes of both chain and pendant, I thought that it would be very suitable for her and could make her be more confident on her first day at school. In addition, the name chain necklace with small size and dainty pendants, which looked perfectly suitable for girls at this age. Since last month, seeing her friends with their silver necklaces, she also wanted to have one. She told me that she did want to have one because she very liked that kind of jewelry. Therefore, at present, I really believe that she would like this name necklace a lot.

You can visit the online shop in the following link: https://twitter.com/namechainneck

After receiving the gift name necklace with a very prompt shipment, It was already wrapped in a beautiful box that I just needed to decorate it with a small pink ribbon in order for it to look more attractive.

She went home after going out with dad, ran to mommy, and did not forget to give mommy a kiss. Then I pulled out the box and gave it to her.

She was so surprise with this gift with a tiny ribbon and kept asking me “What is this mom, what is this?”. I told her to unbox it right away and you would be very surprised, then she pulled out the ribbon and opened the box. She screamed out loud joyfully “ I love it so much!“ and hugged me really tight.

After my helping to put it on, she rushed to the mirror and keep modeling in front of it to see how she was with the new necklace. She told me: “This necklace is so beautiful, mommy. My friends would be jealous with me!”. Looking at her bright smile, I knew how much she liked the name pendant chain that I gave her, which made me very happy too.

“With this new name necklace, mommy want you to be more confident on your first day at school, and do not forget to make new friends, love your teacher and be willing to learn new things, daughter. I love you a lot”, I told her.

That night she was so happy that she could hardly sleep.

If your kids are going to school and you want to give her a meaningful gift, you could buy her a gold chain with name just like me. I think it is the most suitable gift for kids, especially girls because girl at that age really like jewelry. In addition, a necklace with her name on it will be a very special gift for little kids, which totally expresses the parents’ love to her and I believe that your children will be a lot more confident going to her school with this name necklace.

Moreover, you can buy this name pendant chain for your kids on any occasion, for example, birthdays or graduation day, or the first performance at school… Besides dainty look, name pendant designs with your children names on it could help parents to deliver their love message to their children, which could help encourage them a lot in everything he or she does.

Ever since I gave her this name engraved necklace, I have been always wearing it. The Gold Nameplate bearing her name is always shine bright just like her smile whenever I see her. I think that choosing the name necklace as the gift for her first day at school as a very right decision I have ever.

After all, I must say that name necklace is the best gift for your children. So, let’s give it to your child right away!

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