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Rashguard Shirts – Stop Sunburn With Rashguard Shirts

UV rashguard shirts with SPF protection are a fantastic and economical way to stop sunburns. Let’s face it, we all have gotten terrible sunburns over the years. Unfortunately, over time repeated exposure to the sun can cause serious damage to your skin and eventually lead to skin cancer. And to make things worse, today’s sun is much stronger than it was a generation ago. But don’t fret, this article addresses the benefits of using a rashguard shirt to protect your skin from the sun and stop sunburns!

In a nutshell, sun protection is something that cannot be ignored by you or your family. The problem with sunscreen is that it is not 100% effective. There are so many things that can go wrong. For one, sunscreen is extremely messy. Greasy sunscreen just gets everywhere and makes for an unpleasant experience while applying on your body. Also, it is often cold, which nobody likes, especially the kids. But most importantly, if you don’t reapply constantly or miss a spot, you will still get a sun burn.

This summer I went to Panama, and on my first day there went on a six hour fishing trip. The Women Sunglasses boat left at 6am and being half asleep that early I wore trunks and a wife beater only, completely forgetting about bringing my uv rashguard I had packed specifically for the trip. Luckily, on the boat I was able to borrow some 30+ sunscreen and would smother the stuff every 30 minutes on every exposed area of my body including my ears and feet. When I got back to the hotel that evening my arms and shoulders were okay, but I missed spots around my armpits and shoulder blades where my wife beater had rubbed. These areas were totally fried and on the verge of blistering. I was so frustrated, because I knew if I wore my rashguard shirt these areas would have been protected.

A rashguard shirt provides SPF protection that does not rub or wash off and does not need to be reapplied. Wearing a rashguard shirt means your skin will be protected from the sun and you will not miss any spots covered by your swim shirt. Today’s rashguards are comfortable and stylish, making them something you and your kids will want to wear at the beach or outdoors. Rashguard shirts are very affordable. Sunscreens are expensive and you have to keep buying more. A rashguard shirt ranges from $25-$50 depending on the brand, and typically will last 3-5 years with moderate use and proper care. But also keep in mind, you will save money on all the aloe-vera and after-sun products you will not be buying. So, are you convinced yet?


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Upgrade your skin protection today and start wearing a rashguard shirt with your sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses to ensure total sun protection that will stop sunburns! Visit your local sporting goods, department store, or one of the numerous online retailers who sell a large selection of SPF rashguard shirts for you and your family.


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