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No fried carrot cake for Schooling 135 lượt xem


SINGAPORE, May 23 — Olympic swimming champion Joseph Schooling loves his black chye tow kueh (fried carrot cake), and his favourite place for it is Bee Bee Carrot Cake at w88 Marine Terrace Market and Hawker Centre. So much so the hawker stall in the Marine Parade neighbourhood saw sales soar after Schooling won Singapore’s first Olympic gold at Rio de Janeiro, and especially after he made a stop there during his victory parade two years ago. Now that the United States-based swimmer is back in town during his summer break from school, he is not going to head there for his favourite meal though.

Looking leaner and fitter, the 22-year-old said that he has banished oily and fatty food from his diet ahead of the Asian Games, which will be held in Indonesia from August 18 to September 2. His determination and resolve to recapture his racing form has surprised even himself, and the University of Texas senior told TODAY that he is “pretty motivated” and ready to pluck himself out from his post-Rio Olympics blues.

After his gold medal triumph in Brazil, Schooling had set himself a goal of beating w88 casino American legend Michael Phelps’ 100m butterfly world record of 49.82 seconds. He finished third at last year’s World Championships as former Bolles School teammate Caeleb Dressel swept seven gold medals in Budapest. In March, Schooling did not medal in his final National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) campaign, as Dressel stole the show with four gold medals and two NCAA and American records. In his first media interviews today since turning professional after the NCAAs, Schooling told TODAY that he is still trying to figure out what happened then. 

“I was training the best I’ve ever trained, even before mansion88 the Olympics. (My coach) Eddie Reese was giving us a lot of harder training sets than what we’re usually accustomed to,” he said. “Sometimes, that’s how sports is. Sometimes, you think you prepare your best for it and the outcome isn’t what you want. It’s okay as long as you brush it off, you learn your mistakes and you come back and perform at a high level at the next meet.

“I know how good I can be. I know my potential, I know what I can do. As long as I keep trusting the process and keep working hard, I don’t need to prove anything to myself.” A pep customer service m88 talk with American legend Michael Phelps while attending the One Championship event last week also gave the younger swimmer a much-needed mental boost.

Đăng bởi: Jamie Jess

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