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Some countries change your life even before you set foot in it.


One lazy day at the university, I was chillin’ with friends at the lobby of our college building when the College Secretary approached us. “I’m looking for w88 live volunteers,” she said.


Apparently, exchange students from Korea had arrived way earlier than expected. She needed people who could tour them around the campus while they were preparing whatever it was they were preparing. Bored af, I was first to raise a hand.


Many of these exchange students became good friends of mine. They were my first foreign friends.

At the time, my brother was coincidentally working at a factory near Seoul. The computer that I relied on in college was a product of his hard work there.


This also means that every now and then, we would receive a package bursting with Korean products, which would then fill our living room racks and kitchen drawers. I also look forward to visit mansion88  in Gyeongbokgung Palace.


After graduation, my first job was with a Korean company that brought Korean students to the Philippines to learn English. So yes, my first boss, the first person who believed in my skills as a worker, was Korean.


South Korea had already changed my life way before customer service m88 online  step in. So when I finally did, it felt wonderful. It felt like I was giving thanks. But yeah, the whole time, I was grateful.


Article: @thepoortraveler

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