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Quilling ,or paper filigree, is the art of rolling and shaping thin strips of paper to form pictures. Quilling art is constituted by basic patterns such as leaves, flowers… and, in a higher level, our designers create pictures. In the beginnings of this art between 1300 and 1500 AD in Europe, nuns decorated religious artifacts with strips of paper which are rolled on the QULL of a bird feather. Paper filigree is another name of Quilling and reflects the look of fine lacework done by jeweler (The product of disabled people)

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http://www.thuongthuong.net/upload/files/tranh%20giay%20ket%20hop%20in%20(140).jpg http://www.thuongthuong.net/upload/files/tranh%20giay%20ket%20hop%20in%20(5)(1).jpg

 Quilling picturesque old town

http://www.thuongthuong.net/upload/files/tranh%20giay%20ket%20hop%20in%2020x20%20%20(1).jpg   http://www.thuongthuong.net/upload/files/tranh%20in%20giay%20cuon%20(6).jpg

Roll print paper paintings combine


 Quilling greeting card


Quilling greeting card


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