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All of our projects have been created by Art Director Quách Thái Công – the key feature of design from Thái Công will make a distinctive impression by professional and unique aesthetics. Based on the requirements and preferences of customers, Thái Công will consult interior concepts, floor plan, lighting concept, idea of ceiling, wall and flooring, choosing colors, materials, decorations for the whole project. From that, Thái Công presents concept in 3D drawings for customers to understand the initiative clearly Thái Công directly selects furniture, décor such as mirrors, paintings, pictures, vases, frames, etc…to set up every small detail in the end of project.[​IMG] Service details• Propose the overall ideas• Function floor plan• Furniture layout in 2D drawings• Design ceiling-wall-flooring, cornice• Design concept of lighting• Design doors, fit out furniture• Choosing the style of interior, colors, materials...• Consult and select loose furniture and decoration• Present mood board of concept• Present interior design in 3D drawings• Supply furniture and décor[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] THÁI CÔNG VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITEDTel: 028.38.989.818Email: info@thaicong.com215 A1 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, VietnamHOTLINE: +84914938844---------------------------------------------THAI CONG GmbH & Co.KGTax ID: 45/662/01505Tel: 0049.40490.3311Email: info@thaicong.comEppendorfer Weg 165, 20253, HamBurg, GermanyHOTLINE: +491739558822

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Nhà tài trợ Quảng cáo miền Tây www.MienTay.net.vn 0915 32 6788

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