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Amazon to show ‘live’ Premier League football matches 140 lượt xem

LONDON, June 7 — Amazon has secured the rights to show English Premier League football matches for the first time in further evidence of their financial might in the bidding wars for sports events, the league said today. The giant online retailer will show 20 Premier League matches a w88 season for three years, starting from the 2019/20 season.

The US company is the first to break up the previous dominance of Sky and BT Sport. The EPL gave no details of the scheduling, but the BBC reported Amazon will exclusively livestream all 10 matches over a bank holiday period and another 10 during the first midweek fixture programme in December. However, the action will only be available to their Amazon Prime UK subscribers, which is the online seller’s premium service available for a fee.

Memberships costs £79 (RM420) a year or £7.99 a month. Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore described Amazon as an “exciting new partner”. “Prime Video will be an excellent service on which fans can consume ‘live’ Premier League football — including for the first time w88 slots in the UK a full round of matches,” he said. Sky and BT will nevertheless show the vast majority of ‘live’ matches, with 128 and 52 — BT having been awarded the other package up for grabs today of 20 games at a reported cost of £90 million — respectively.

“Sky and BT are established Premier League partners and provide first-rate coverage of the competition through their ‘live’ match broadcasts and comprehensive programming,” said Scudamore. Amazon, which started as an online retailer, has built up an increasingly impressive sports portfolio and broadcasts the US Open tennis, ATP World Tour Tennis events — where they outbid Sky by offering £50 million — and NFL games. Scudamore will be delighted with the entry of Amazon as it was his idea to lure either m88 them or their rivals such as Facebook and YouTube into bidding for the rights.

Although a figure has not been released as to how much Amazon — who have been in talks over the past couple of months over the package — has paid the Guardian reported the EPL did not get the price they were hoping for as the companies bidding didn’t see it as a money maker for them with just two rounds of matches. In February, Sky Sports paid £3.58 billion for four packages, while BT Sport spent £295 millio on another package. In a separate announcement the Premier League also agreed that there customer service m88 would be a change in the distribution of money gained from the foreign broadcast deal.

Đăng bởi: Jamie Jess

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