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The first hurdle every traveler faces upon arrival to any tourist destination is the need for a transportation w88 live service from the airport to their place of stay or hotel.



In the Philippines, specifically in Manila, taxi cabs are the custom vehicles that appear to rotate around all three terminals of the airport. Although, in the constant modernization of transportation in the city and around the world, transportation apps like Uber and Grab make getting a ride easier.


When I arrived from my trip to Europe last June 2016, I was fortunate enough to be picked up by my family and relatives from the airport. Although, witnessing the obvious chaos that goes on in airports with the first hand struggle of my cousin’s girlfriend when finding a ride home, UBE Express was a legit service and life saver.


Arriving at NAIA, it became quite difficult for my travel companions such as my cousin and his girlfriend, to get a cab that will drop them off in two different places using one route. My cousin needed to go straight to his hotel in Dusit Thani in Makati City for another flight the next day, while his girlfriend had to be brought to her place at the Shell Residences in Pasay City. It became quite the struggle for myself as well since it was quite difficult to book an Uber or Grab a few hours before rush hour itself wherein m88 promotion are available.


UBE by Chance                          

We then overheard a couple having a conversation regarding the bus they were going to ride going to their hotel. It was quite puzzling because buses in the Manila can be quite tricky to ride during rush hour likewise in buses of online poker Malaysia, with all the people rushing to get home and the cramped space from people forcing themselves in the bus, it was indeed shocking for me to witness such excitement from Filipinos themselves.


Out of sheer curiosity, my cousin decided to ask where they were going to get a bus from NAIA directly going to the Makati area at an unpleasant hour. The couple then mentioned the new UBE Express which launched just last January 2016, was a premium bus service that many Filipinos were getting into for its stellar service and practical routing system. We then decided to Google the UBE Express and eventually got around to booking a ticket online. It was fast, convenient and definitely user friendly.


How is it different from a regular bus?


The new service that was provided by the Department of Transportation and Communication is an airport bus service that bring tourists, travelers and visitors from the airport to the main business districts around Manila.


The UBE Express costs about PHP 9.8 million which has the seating accommodation of 24 passengers for a fixed rate of PHP 300. Passengers are also presented with several payment methods aside from cash, like via credit card or the usage of tap cards. It takes several routes around Manila in order to cater to the most efficient and convenient needs of the tourists and travelers on board.

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